Themed Innovator Training Program

Information and resources are supporting ARIIA’s Themed Innovator Training Program (ITP). ARIIA’s collaborative training and partnership and networking programs connect people and organisations to good ideas and support them to put them into practice in their organisations. Themed ITPs enable individual Innovators to work independently but collectively on a common topic of interest in aged care.

Exploring out Themed ITPs

Evidence based information and resources suitable for use in Australian aged care services have been brought together to provide a base for learning together, planning changes and helping identify critical activities in bringing about change. These resources will support the learning materials provided by the ITP which cover more general processes around change management. They can also be used by individuals and services who want to learn more about workforce issues or who are thinking about quality improvement in their organisation.

Themed ITP: Reablement

Each older person accessing an aged care service brings a diverse range of needs and challenges. Reablement uses a goal-directed, person-centred approach to care that helps older people regain, maintain and/or improve their independence.

Themed ITP: Nutrition

In all aged care settings, older adults have the right to enjoy their dining experiences, make informed choices about food preferences and when to eat, and receive nutritious and appealing food services which are tailored to their dietary requirements. Dining experiences and food have been shown to have a large impact on both mental and physical health of older adults particularly in aged care settings.

Themed ITP: Workforce Retention

Workforce issues have emerged as critical in aged care given increasing demand for care and services, a tightening of the labour market, and the changing shape of employment in Australia. Finding staff is only part of the solution. Workforce retention focuses on what services and teams can do to build a culture and an environment that helps staff to continue to grow within the organisation.