Technology in aged care

Older Australians are increasingly using digital technologies in their personal lives and technology is seen as a critical part of the transformation of aged care. In a 2022 survey conducted by ARIIA, the Australian aged care workforce identified technology in aged care as a priority topic for the sector. This was also highlighted in discussions with the Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council (ACIITC) and other leading aged care stakeholders.

The Knowledge and Implementation Hub has gathered evidence of best practice, along with learning and practical resources, on two critical issues relating to technology in aged care: testing frameworks and human factors. These knowledge packages can support the aged care workforce in delivering safe, high-quality care to older Australians.

Technology in aged care evidence and resources

The Hub content on the Technology in aged care topic is based on:

  1. A scoping review of published research literature describing the human factors associated with technology uptake in aged care.
  2. A rapid literature review of best practices in selecting, testing, and implementing technology in aged care settings.
  3. An environmental scan for high-quality, freely accessible Australian resources to support the learning and practice needs of the sector.

Connect to PubMed evidence

This PubMed topic search is limited to home care and residential aged care settings and includes research published in the last 12 months only. You can choose to view all citations, strongest evidence only (randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews, and guidelines), or free full-text articles.

Navigating the sector

Sometimes you need some background information or to know what is happening in the sector. The research and project supports section has lots of interesting and useful resources to help you start a project, plan a study or run a training session at work.

Research and project supports

Australian projects and initiatives

The Hub team has brought together information on current Australian research trials, projects, and initiatives focused issues around technology in aged care.

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We are interested to hear about your experiences, successes, and failures in interacting with technology in aged care. For example, have you seen an increase in the use of technology in aged care since the COVID-19 pandemic? Who is involved in selecting, testing, and providing feedback on new products in your workplace?

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