Innovation Network

The Innovation Network provides ongoing support, resources and events to build knowledge, skills and capability to implement evidence-based projects within the workplace.

The Innovation Network is open to anyone who has participated in the Innovator Training Program or the Aged Care Partnering Program. This includes organisational sponsors and others from your workplace who are working with you on your project.

The Innovation Network supports all members to progress their project and continue their learning with a range of resources and online events.

Access resources to support your project implementation

As a member of the Innovation Network, you will have access to a range of valuable resources including the core Innovator Training Program modules; Extension Topics that delve deeper into topics in recorded interviews and scaffolded resources; project management tools; and grantsmanship resources. Content is constantly being developed and updated based on feedback and need.

Participate in regular drop-in sessions

The Innovation Network hosts monthly online drop-in sessions, where ARIIA staff are available to discuss projects and answer questions. These sessions provide a great opportunity to stay connected with other Innovation Network members and learn from their implementation experiences.

Further information 

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