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Connection and collaboration across the aged care sector through ARIIA, will help to make the changes that will shape the future of our aged care delivery. Find out how you can get involved in ARIIA programs and activities below.

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To help shape the future of aged care across Australia, ARIIA is delivering a range of programs and activities to support increasing the capability of the aged care workforce to deliver high-quality care to older Australians.

To improve aged care service delivery and the quality of care, it is important we connect and collaborate with the sector and the community to ensure our projects, research and program outcomes are responsive to the needs of the sector.

What is your relationship to the aged care sector? 

If you work or partner with the aged care sector, or are a member of the community seeking information or resources to improve the quality of aged care for yourself or someone you know, there are lots of ways you can get involved in ARIIA programs, activities and events. Find out more about how you can participate below. 

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If you want more information on how you can participate or contribute to ARIIA programs and activities, we want to hear from you.