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​​​Searching for aged care information online – organisation sources​​

​Grey literature’ is generally used to describe information that has not been subject to a formal publication process and is not held on a bibliographic database. Grey literature can include very useful resources including organisational reports and studies. So knowing how to find literature held on organisational websites can be very helpful.

Added 02 Jul 2024
​​Asia Pacific Aged Care Hub (APACH): Strengthening Aged Care Across the Region

​​The Asia Pacific Aged Care Hub (APACH) is a capacity building initiative aimed at improving aged care across the Asia Pacific region, through a collaboration between Aged Care Research and Industry Innovation Australia (ARIIA), Flinders University College of Business, Government, and Law and the Caring Futures Institute, with funding support from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. APACH brings together experts, practitioners, and policymakers to share insights, best practices, and learnings.

Added 21 May 2024
​​Voices of the Hub Users: Tuning into User Feedback​

​In this blog, Dr Janine Margarita Dizon talks about the findings of the discussions with the Knowledge and Implementation Hub's User Reference Group which are framing improvements to the information and the user's experience of the Hub.

Added 15 May 2024
Exploring the nexus of aged care and digital reforms: Navigating challenges and seizing opportunities

In this blog, Dr Priyanka Vandersman explains why ELDAC’s palliative care dashboard is an example of how digital transformation can be supported by products that align with changing regulations to drive innovation and improve outcomes.

Added 04 Apr 2024
​​Carer Knowledge Exchange: Connecting research to practice to improve outcomes for carers​

​​The Carer Knowledge Exchange (CKE) aims to improve outcomes for family and friend carers by connecting research to practice. Through a digital platform and Research Library, regular events and engagement opportunities, the CKE seeks to help expand, translate and disseminate the carer evidence base to improve carer-focused policy making and practice.

Added 06 Mar 2024
​​Searching for aged care information online – search sources​

​​This, the first in our blog series, ‘searching for aged care information online’, looks at the basics of Internet searching, considers possible pitfalls and the digital literacy skills needed, along with helpful tips, to navigate the Internet successfully and have confidence in your results.​

Added 24 Jan 2024
El Nino officially declared: What does it mean for older Australians?

With the intensity and frequency of heat events expected to increase in Australia, we must better prepare our vulnerable populations. Mehak Oberai from Griffith University explains how mobilising all relevant stakeholders to promote the understanding of ‘heat as a health issue’, can empower older people with increased awareness and improved readiness against this silent killer.

Added 25 Oct 2023
Searching for aged care information online – introduction

Online technologies like the internet, provide access to information and websites anywhere anytime. This blog provides useful tips on how to make your search for information a smooth and rewarding experience.

Added 13 Sep 2023